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Employee outsourcing

Hiring in the U.S. without an entity?

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At CSquare we offer a one stop solution to overcome every single difficulty, oh yeah and we wrap it up and offer it to you with a bow on top!

Are you looking to hire in the U.S. but do not have a clue about all the labor market requirements? Or simply don’t even have an entity yet?

When you hire and expand in the U.S., you will need more than just market knowledge, you will need to reach a maximumlevel of compliance with federal and local laws, meet culture demands and technology availability expectations. What better way than to let CSquare take care of the architecture behind offering a Modern Workplace to your employees? Our services, cover the employee’s life cycle, from entering stage, all the way to the exit stage. No matter if the employee is temporary or for permanent employment.

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Employee Outsourcing

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