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Get Support for Your Day-to-Day,
and Key Priorities

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Rely on Experts You Can Trust

Given how rapidly complex HR regulations change at the federal, state, and local level, even the most tenured HR professionals could use support. With HR Edge, your HR Account Manager is just a call or email away.

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Promote a Safe Workplace and Drive Compliance

Use out-of-the-box, interactive training courses to educate and assess employee knowledge on topics such as cybersecurity, harassment, and anti-bullying.

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Create a Foundation for Employee Success

Whether you’re looking to create a handbook from scratch or brush up what you already have, Paylocity’s HR services can help create a consistent set of rules and responses to drive compliance, improve efficiency and connectedness across all areas of your business.

Stay Compliant and Confident When Hiring

Differentiate Your Company and Values

HR Edge offers guidance on developing a top-notch career web page, compelling social media presence and more to truly showcase your culture.

Attract Quality Candidates

Craft strong, comprehensive job descriptions that clearly state expectations, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Offer Competitive Pay

Go from budgeting for a new position, to making the right offer, to determining pay raises with confidence, using modern compensation analysis tools.


How much does HR Consulting cost?

HR consulting is priced per employee per month and does not increase as your organization grows, so you can work through new challenges with your Account Manager at each stage of your business. Enhance your employer branding, craft compelling job descriptions, and access modern compensation analysis tools — all for a fixed price.

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HR Services

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