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Our Recruitment Services

Unlocking North America's potential for European businesses

Find your key employees

Are you finding it difficult to land a superstar employee? Simply tell us what the position entails, what type of employee you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to handle your requests with ease. Each candidate will go through 2 rounds of interviews before presented to you on a silver platter.

Executive Search

We make sure to enrich your team with only the best in your industry’s field. Let us know what your company’s needs are and we’ll do the rest. Simply focus on your business and we’ll deliver the talent, coordinate interviews and manage all related expenses. Contact us today to find your new change agent!

Training & Orientation

Do you want us to deliver your sales team to you already trained?

Together with you, we will create a training program specific to your industry and company and deliver class act sales people fully trained and ready to hit the ground running!

Hire now, Pay later

We know cash is king, especially for a start up organization.

With you in mind we developed a unique billing structure so you can hire your key employees NOW and pay the placement fee in the form 12 installments over the course of 1 year. INTEREST FREE!!

But wait, it gets better,

so contact us if you want to learn more!


Are you looking for part time employees?

Our FlexJobs™ department handles exactly this. Whether you need seasonal employees, a part time office manager or just need help processing resumes. We are here for you!

Inside sales team outsourcing

We can set up and deliver an entirely trained and managed inside sales team for your company. Sit back relax and see those leads and processed orders roll in!

Contact us today to find out more!

Client DNA

Understand and connect with you

csquare vector 4.png

At CSquare we understand and connect with you and will represent you in a way you can be proud of.

Your business is unique, your international HQ presents challenges when hiring, you are growing at a rocket ship pace, you are operating in a tight niche market or simply can't be compared to any other company.

Whichever category you identify with most, you need a firm that can help you navigate these challenges.  We will go the extra mile, immerse ourselves and show the respect your company deserves. 

Our Services

Human Capital Solutions

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