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Employees rely on their paychecks, so you have to get your payroll processing right. Use our Paylocity employee payroll software to simplify payroll, automate processes, and stay tax compliant, all in one spot. Pull expense reimbursements into paychecks and run custom reports to get the data you need. And provide flexibility for staff to access a portion of their earned wages when they need it. Ensure accuracy and get time back in your day with a payroll service that works hard for you.

Expenses made easy

Pull approved expenses automatically into our Paylocity payroll system and add reimbursements to your employee's next paycheck. Eliminate spreadsheets, calculators, and signatures along the way with a tool built directly into your payroll software.

Tax Services

Trust your tax filings will be done correctly and on time, lessening your burden of liability with our industry-leading service. Paylocity is a Registered Reporting Agent with the IRS in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam.

On-Demand Pay

Employees are better prepared to handle unexpected expenses by getting access to a portion of earned wages with minimal disruption to your payroll process. With the right employee payroll software, there's no impact to your cash flow, which means more peace of mind for you and them.

Hassle-Free Garnishments

Wage garnishments are common, complicated, and may result in severe consequences if mishandled. Fortunately, Paylocity's team of experts can handle garnishment orders on your behalf to prevent costly errors and save you time.

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