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Interview Preparation 101

General tips for the interview session:

  • Inform yourself about the background of the people that interview you by looking up their LinkedIn profiles, company website, Google, etc.

  • Show passion and energy!

  • Come prepared with good questions that are strategic of nature about the overall state of the company, the industry and the vision.

  • Avoid detailed and ‘small-sounding’ question about smart-phones, vacation days, etc. as they will be addressed later.

  • Don’t talk too much! Don’t oversell yourself! Don’t interrupt the counterpart!

  • Be to the point and clear, especially when it comes to answering direct questions.

  • Listen carefully to the questions and make sure you understand them correctly.

  • Make it a nice dynamic conversation. Try to aim for 50% talking time and 50% listening time. Again, ask good questions and be a good listener as well.

  • Be careful with sharing confidential and proprietary information about your current or former employers and try to avoid talking negatively about current/former employer.

Special tips for interview session in person:

  • Make sure to arrive on time and give yourself enough extra time to use the bathroom and be ‘out of the rush’.

  • Dress professionally and look the part.

  • Bring a brag book that includes a clean attractive resume.

  • Give a firm handshake, look the interviewer in the eye and address them professionally and directly.

  • Ask for business cards at the end of the conversation and follow-up with a thoughtful and insightful thank you e-mail. Please make sure to include an opening greeting and courtesy closing.

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