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Ukrainian children and UNICEF need our help!

Dear reader,

From work friends and family who live in Ukraine, to our very own CEO, living through a similar crisis having fled Russia as a refugee in 1991, losing both her parents in the process. This crisis has hit close to home for us. Like so many of you, we are horrified and heartbroken to see the tragedies escalating in Ukraine, 75,000 children becoming refugees every day. The senseless loss of life and the speed at which this humanitarian crisis is unfolding.

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While we normally focus our efforts on achieving equality and D&I in our clients hiring processes, the foundation of basic human rights and peace of mind has been torn out from under the people of Ukraine, we feel like it is our duty to help in any way possible.

CSquare Recruitment will donate $500.00 of net proceeds directly to UNICEF for each retained contract signed in March and April.

We hope there is a near term diplomatic solution to this senseless war, but we know that the need for humanitarian assistance will continue well beyond the end of these horrible hostilities.

Read more about UNICEF working to scale up life-saving support for children and their families.

Please reach out to us if you have any hiring needs and would like to help us reach our goal of sending a $10,000 donation to UNICEF by April 30th!

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